Cuzn Nikki(non-registered)
This is a very awesome page Cheriss! Love, Love, Love It!!!
ShotsofLYFE photography(non-registered)
Helloooo Partner in photo-crime!
Sad, but this is the first time ive truly explored your page & it is DOOOPPEE!
You are an amazing photographer & inspire me to step up a few notches. Your website is very appealing... now I am thinking how to revamp my page for a 2015 re-launch.
hmmmm thoughts & motives.
But hey keep up the good work!
Your site is nice beautiful photos!
Victoria Davidson(non-registered)
Hi Cheriss,

I attend Reid Temple and I am also a graduate of Howard University. I would love to meet you given we have similar visions. I have a website called Healthier Hair and U ( that talks about celebrating women as the whole person - mind, body, relationships and soul by getting back to health and loving ourselves "as is". I just launched my "Loving Me AS IS" series. I wished I know about you before procuring a team of photographers and videographer to chronicle the event this last Sunday. I would love to include your link on my website under the Entrepreneur Corner section. My contact info is located on the website.

Be Blessed and I look forward to connecting with you!
Baron Hilliard(non-registered)
Thanks for taking some pictures of me and inviting me to your class. I got a chance to look at some of your shots. They are beautiful!!!
Leigh Ane(non-registered)
Great photos! Looks like everyone had a good time.
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